COVID-19 Information

We are so excited to be able to welcome guests back to Swallows Return and have been working hard to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable and relaxing as always, while also being safe.

What we are doing to ensure a safe stay.
We cannot wait to welcome guests again from 4th July and in order to be ready for our guests we have taken some additional measures to ensure we can welcome you safely, whilst also ensuring you have a relaxing time when you are here.

This document and our protocols are under regular review, and may undergo amendments when the Government publishes guidance for accommodation businesses.

What we are doing to ensure your safety

As always, Swallows Return will be thoroughly cleaned between each stay, but we have introduced additional hygiene measures to ensure your safety.

  • All touch areas (light switches, chairs, sideboards, door handles etc) will be sanitised following government guidance.  Our cleaning tick list is available on request.
  • Removable soft furnishings have been removed but if you would like them during your stay, please ask and the owners (Bill and Penny) will give you cleaned & stored items. 
  • All cooking and eating equipment are sanitised in a steam dishwasher between stays
  • All bed linens and towels are laundered professionally at a high temperature to ensure linens are disinfected.  Pillow and mattress protectors are also changed between each stay.
  • Fabric furniture which cannot be removed will be steam cleaned between each stay.  

We are operating self check in and check out so you need not seen anyone in person.  Full details will be shared with you and if you need to contact us during your stay please call 01233 720416 or email

Swallows Return Team
Our housekeeper and of course the owners, Bill and Penny, will be fully re-trained before the 4th July to ensure they understand and fulfil COVID protocols and additional hygiene measures.

  • Our team will follow PHE handwashing guidance.
  • Our team will wear a face shield, mask, gloves and an apron whilst working in the property.  
  • If our housekeeper is working elsewhere then all protective clothing / mask and gloves will be changed before entering Swallows Return.   
  • Housekeeping equipment stored within Swallows Return will be sanitised after each use.
  • Our housekeeper will take her temperature before entering Swallows Return.   

What you need to know?
As our guest, we need to ask a few things of you to ensure we can provide a safe environment for our guests and our staff.

Before you stay

  • Please monitor your symptoms BEFORE travelling to us.  If you start to display any Covid symptoms before your arrival, please contact us immediately.  Inline with government guidance you must self isolate.  You will not forfeit your stay: we will rearrange your dates or issue you with a credit note. 
  • If you develop any symptoms during your stay please leave as soon as possible and contact us immediately.
  • If you develop any symptoms between your departure and 14 days after your stay please inform us immediately.

Whilst you are staying

  • There will be self check in and check out – full details of this can be found in the information pack that will be emailed to you before arrival.
  • We ask that you abide by social distancing throughout your stay, when in the main garden or when using the tennis court (the tennis court can be used by guests during their stay and ask that you check with the owners beforehand, wipe down the court handles after use and bring your own equipment – we do have spare tennis balls that can be purchased for £5 per tube if required).  
  • We also ask that visitors during your stay are kept to a minimum and do not enter Swallows Return.  You may of course gather in (family groups of 6 maximum) on the private decking and garden, but do make sure to keep at least 1 metre apart at all times and if you are sharing food and drinks to use separate glassware and cutlery and follow hygiene measures. 
  • We are sure it is second nature by now, but please make sure you follow Public Health Guidance on hand washing. 
  • Please try to communicate with us as much as possible by phone or text rather than in person.  
  • When you leave please ensure that all doors and windows are fully open.